One Solution for Your Entire Workforce

Talk it Loud caters to the full spectrum of employee mental health needs by making them feel heard without being seen as weak. It’s easy to open up to an AI penguin that asks just the right questions and never judges. Based on what would be most helpful, Talk it Loud guides them to the right conversations.

What do employees get?

Talk It Loud Therapists are qualified and experienced global mental health professionals who support you over Online (Zoom) Based Sessions. The role that a Well-being Coach will play is to support you in finding your own way, help you tap into your own strengths and abilities so that you can identify and use resources around you to fill any gaps. These professionals are trained to listen, support, and encourage you to work towards your personal well-being goals and help you to channelize your Negative Feelings and Emotions towards Sustainable Happiness and Healthier Life.

Over 150 tools to help you deal with issues ranging from body image to breakups. All tools are backed by science, and handpicked by experts.

We bring you here the Talk It Loud Community Service for Our Members who can communicate with Like-Minded People. Here our members get the service of Community Forums, Community Chatrooms, and Community Events, where they can make new friends and support each other at their good and bad phases of life. Our Experienced Community Management Team will regulate all the Forums, Chat, and Events on a regular basis.

AURA – AI Well-Being Coach is an artificial intelligence-based ‘Emotionally Intelligent’ service which responds to the emotions you express and uses evidence-based Cognitive-Behavioral Techniques (CBT), DBT, Meditation, Breathing, Yoga, Motivational Interviewing, and Micro-Actions to help you build mental resilience skills and feel better. An AI-based chat platform can be great for those 2 am conversations. We all have a dark place, and have feelings we don’t share with anyone else. Talking to Aura – AI Well-Being Coach about these gives us the confidence to reach out for help when we’re ready – from friends, family or a well-being coach or a therapist

While chatting, Talk It Loud and Aura looks for signs that signal the need for more support, like SOS and self-harm. In these cases, Talk It Loud and Aura will guide employees to other helpful resources. The redirection could be to your EAP, behavioral health provider, or even a crisis helpline.

What Employers will get?

Analytics and Insights

At an aggregate level, we help you understand the top challenges your employees face, which tools they find most helpful, and what their feedback is. You get these insights for every single cohort you define.

Mental Health Calendar

We help you run a mental health calendar customized to the needs of your employees. By collaborating, planning interactive campaigns, designing collateral, and using benchmark data across industries, we devise highly effective and engaging campaigns.

Customized Co-branded Solutions

We help you define your own cohorts and personalize resources for them. In addition, by adding your company's logo to the app and website, we provide a bespoke solution for your employees.